Cabin Design – 12ft House – Part 13

Last time we drew the cabin end elevation with the chimney and now we are ready to tackle the other end with the porch.

Begin with the last guide line drawing:

This time we will re-use the guide lines from our last elevation (figure 1). To do that we will need to flip the diagram to reverse the cabin to represent the other end (figure 2).  This will save a lot of time.

Cabin Plan Part 13 Figure 1 & 2

In this case we will erase any guide lines we do not need for the porch end elevation, and keep some that we do need. We are going to keep the top of the chimney (#2) and the side porch since they can be seen.  I am also going to keep the window head line and use that for the top of the screen door (#1).

Follow along with the guide line drawings below (Figure 3) as I take you through , step by step, creating the end elevation from the guide lines.

Important… Draw what is closest to you first.

First we will identify the cross member (#3)
The closest part of the cabin is the end of the screen porch and we will begin by identifying the cross member. This will be the lines of the top of the wall and the floor of the utility loft over the bath and kitchen.

Next we will identify the the porch posts. (#4)
These will be the same as the wall lines of the cabin.  You can begin to see how handy it is to save and re-use the outlines and guide lines from the sections and elevations already developed.  We are half way through this elevation and we haven’t actually drawn anything yet.

Cabin Plan Part 13 - Figure 3

Extend the porch floor lines . (#5).
Extend the side porch floor lines across the end of the cabin.

Next we will draw the screen door supports. (#6).
Draw two vertical lines 1′-6″ each side of the cabin center line. This will define the width of the screen door. The top of the door will be the window head line. Draw similar lines 2″ apart from these to define the width of the screen supporting members at the door.

The other screen supports come next. (#7).
Draw two sets of horizontal lines 3′-0″ above the porch floor, on either side of the door.  These will indicate the intermediate screen supports.

Last draw the vertical post at the gable.
Although this has no number, draw two vertical lines 3″ either side of the cabin center line. This will split the screen onto two triangles so that a 48″ screen width can be used.

 Important… Darken in what is closest to you first.

Now finally darken in all the structure that you have just outlined (figure 4 below).

Cabin Plan Part 13 - Figure 4

So now you have finished the other end elevation.  Next time we will tackle one of the side elevations by using what we have already done as a guide.

As always, your comments are very valuable not only to me but to the others who drop by.



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