Cabin Costs – A Survey

It is clear that I am a bit out of touch with cabin costs around the country so I thought I would put up a survey to see what you all say about the costs per square foot in your area. Totally anonymous.

Thanks for sharing this information.

As always, your comments are very valuable not only to me but to the others who drop by.




  • joe king

    Reply Reply April 19, 2014

    the avarage is from 35.00 and up per sqft.

  • Samantha

    Reply Reply July 28, 2012

    Hi. My husband and I bought your mini cabin plans about 3 years ago. We changed the plans a bit, making the porch a sun room and creating a full loft.We have been doing all the labor on the house so we have been able to build a really fancy cabin with hickory floors, lots of windows, stained glass, a 460 watt solar set up, Hardiboard siding, 45 year metal roof, and more for about $65 or 70K well furnished with high quality appliances. It takes awhile to do it yourself but it is well worth it. We have did a lot of shopping around and bough locally whenever possible. The house is about 600 square feet.

  • Terry

    Reply Reply June 2, 2012

    We are planning to move to Missouri and build our retirement house there….I am 67 my wife is 66 and we have practically no building experience…It will be challenging aand fun……

  • David Parker

    Reply Reply June 2, 2012

    My estimate is for a totally contracted house. Of course any sweat equity would lower this. This range would build a standard plus cabin. This does not include land or extensive site prep. Here in the mountains that can be a significant amount. But also allows for fairly inexpensive daylight basement space.
    Thanks for the blog and your designs. David

  • Wolf

    Reply Reply June 2, 2012

    If I drive 100 miles (the 2nd closest place to buy materials) I can save 20%. Therefore, I never quote the fudge facter number included in sq ft figures. I can build two ‘cabins’ and have double the costs in one and/or double the size in the other. What do your clients call a cabin? I call everything over 1,000 sq ft a home. Cabins are smaller. Cabins are for ocassional use. Sq ft quotes must include an arbitrary ‘allowance’ figure to CYA the builder.
    Better to get your subscribers to help you enlist (badger) Home Depot and Lowes to allow monthly downloads of their local price list for our inclusion in our estimating spreadsheets.

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