Ask Andy – Do I need a permit if by cabin is on skids?

Will I need a permit for a cabin or shed if it is built on skids?

Actually there is no correct answer to your question since each permit-requiring jurisdiction will have it’s own twist on things.  Although the International Residential Code (IRC) is fast being adopted around the country, there is still no country-wide code.

This is complicated even more, when local zoning laws come in to play.

That said… it is my experience is that there are two prevalent requirements that seem to be common.  They are not based on whether the building is on skids, but based on area.  Those two areas are 200sf and 100sf.  And it is also common for the requirement that they not be on a permanent foundation.  That is where the idea of  “no permit on skids” comes from.

My suggestion is always check with the local building department ans zoning office to find out what the requirements really are in your neck of the woods.  It is the most accurate and lowest risk approach

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